Memento Mori Show in Northside still going strong!

Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as “remember your mortality,” “remember you must die” or “remember you will die.” It also refers to a genre of artworks that vary widely, but which all share the same purpose: to remind people of their mortality, an artistic theme dating back to antiquity.
Melissa Legg Bracken was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She spent her childhood dressing Barbie dolls, sculpting Play-doh masterpieces and watching Tom and Jerry, particularly drawn in by the intricate de
tails of mouse’s tiny home in the wall. Those early memories, combined with her studies in religious folk art imagery and her affinity for the beautiful colors and textures found in Mexican and Indian cultures, especially the celebration of the Day of the Dead, manifested itself into her signature art form.

The spirits of those passed take on marvelously bizarre representations in her sculptural works. Inspired by the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, she creates skeletal portraits that heed the long-honored art form and the artists and apparitions that have influenced her most. Her playful figures are a combination of hand built clay features, wrapped wire limbs and custom tailored costumes. Each personality is painted and primped within their own unique setting. With a knack for adding in unexpected details and personal touches, Melissa represents the character of those she honors in her own humorous style, whether they be rock legends or a playful diorama tangibly depicting the beautiful nonsense in her head.

Please join us for the opening reception of this seasonal exhibition at our unique gallery within the Northside International Airport for the Octoberrrrr edition of Northside Second Saturdays!

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